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(But hey, the IPCC quoted rather a lot of gray literature itself.Donna La Framboise found 5,587 non peer reviewed articles in AR4.) Fabius Maximus deserves credit for finding and analyzing the study.More than 1800 international scientists studying various aspects of climate change (including climate physics, climate impacts, and mitigation) responded to the questionnaire.Some 6550 people were invited to participate in this survey, which took place in March and April 2012.Kuhn’s work shows that a paradigm cannot be disproved, only replaced (details here).Unless the skeptics form a theory, they’ll remain minor players in the debates — the climate science debate and the public policy debate about climate change (they’re distinct, although often conflated).h/t GWPF POST NOTE: Naturally, a study of “consensus” tells us something about socio-cultural factors but nothing specifically about the climate.[1^] Bart Strengers, Bart Verheggen and Kees Vringer (2015) Climate Science Survey, Questions and Responses, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, pp 1 – 39.

Since these are “climate scientists” I don’t see why those responses should be excluded.

To venture a guess I would say that among skeptics the dominant hypothesis is that some factor to do with the Sun is far more important than man-made CO2.

To the end that skeptics need an alternate hypothesis, I agree, and there are many working on just that.

, 2014, 48 (23), pp 14057–14058, DOI: 10.1021/es504574v CORRECTION: The reference was originally incorrectly cited as the older (2014) paper (now numbered 2), though it was linked to the newer paper.

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